Love it Maha! I saw your animal meme image before I read this post, and really thought it stood on its own as a really great piece of communication with a powerful message. Although as you later reflected in your edcontexts post w/ Shyam – even the symbols that you’ve used to represent food (burger, hot dog etc) are culturally specific and not universal or comprehensible to all cultures. (Although I reckon it might come fairly close to being universal in our globalised society—> but that’s clearly a western biased assumption…!).

Whilst the image was for me, a great piece of comms, I certainly appreciated reading the expanded explanations of the way these animals are perceived across cultures. Am learning SO much from you, Shayam and the whole EdConteXts crew + contributors about how critical culture and context is as a filter colouring our perceptions of things – thank you.