Wonderful Maha, I had some insight here but love that you shared this.

Our middle child suffered often from night terrors so I identify with that. For some reason, I was the one that almost always ran to his room to comfort him through that. I agree with your points about gender roles here, this is prevalent here in Mexico even more so than Canada and I (try) to break that as much as I can. I’m sure there is still work for me there.

I have the privilege to be in a secure faculty position (not really tenure, we don’t have that here) for most of the past 21 years and some consulting income. Not rich, but comfortable enough that I have been able to take a stand for more time for family and health in my life over the past 5 years or so. Truth be told, part of dropping my Ph.D. and not finishing as yet-another-ABD was to let go of that time sink in my family life.

I also get the “you answer instantly on Twitter” and will agree that my mobile device is indeed part of my anatomy (shared by you on Twitter recently).

Cheers, I am so privileged to have bumped into you here online.