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Tiny Tale of Motherhood in 100 words


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Heart made by colored pencils
Image: Heart formed by colored pencils. from Pixabay

I dreamt of you before you were born. I wished for you before you were conceived.  I loved you before you even existed. I fell in love with the idea of you before I ever saw you. I missed you before I ever held you in my arms. And then.. and then you became real. A heartbeat in my womb. A kick in my tummy. A swell in my body. Then a cry in my ear, a mouth on my breast, a warmth on my chest. An ache in my heart. The light of my life. You are my everything. 

6 word version: Loved you before I met you

Inspired by Laura Gibbs’ students’ Tiny Tales of Fall 2020, I challenged my daughter to write one she challenged me to write one. This was mine.


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