I like your interpretation for your feelings toward doing something your really don’t like it to have quality time fun with your daughter, lucky you there are a lot of options nowadays, back to my kids childhood there was no such options, but all mothers at that time were setting on the swimming pool and fathers only inside with kids. To tell you the truth I lost a lot of fun and sometimes I just wanted to jump with my clothes which of course didn’t happened at all.
Full body swimming suit have been in the market many years now, however I couldn’t buy or wear one, all model for me look unappropriated even with trade mark “marks and spencer” and others. Now at my age it’s not about resisting to jump into the water it’s about why I cannot enjoy the things I like just because I don’t want to reveal parts of my body. So I am sharing my solution which make me very comfortable “wear a normal one peace swimming suit, wear on top a swimming shirt or a loose rash guard, and a long protected pants.” Perfect for me dry fast, look nice, even I didn’t swim I am comfortable on the beach if I want to have a walk beside the see, or just play on the beach with kids.
Some sites from where you can order http://www.ripcurl.com/us/shop/wetsuits/women/rashguards/?page=1
There are many mores but these sites prices are reasonable for something I use three times a year maximum.
The most important question for me is “if swimming shirts and pants are something so popular in the west, people wear it everywhere to protect themselves from the sun damage to their skin, why most of hotels in Egypt refuse ladies full swimming suit to the pool, they even don’t know nothing about protective swimming clothes?” The rule is wearing the normal swimming suit.
Have fun with Hoda wearing the speedo you bought, I am sure you look wonderful in anything you wear
Happy Eid my dearest friend.