Podcast Where I Talk How My Mom and Kid Helped with #InspringOpen

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I was so excited when this podcast episode came out! I get interviewed every now and then for research and for podcasts, often by people I know. This one was with Betty, someone I didn’t know at ALL but who asked me so gently such questions that made me talk and talk about things I wasn’t expecting to talk about. I love especially that I ended up talking about my mom and child. My kid listened to parts of it with me yesterday. I hope I can convince my mom to listen to it some day! Thank you again, Betty Kankam-Boadu!

Here is the link


Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast Where I Talk How My Mom and Kid Helped with #InspringOpen

  1. Listening your conversation in the podcast episode was the highlight of my day yesterday. 🌸 It’s sparked my interest to hear more Inspiring Open episodes. ☺ A huge thank you to Maha Bali, Betty Kankam-Boadu and the entire Inspiring Open team!

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