Thank you, Kate. I really appreciate the convo we’ve been having on Twitter, and that you’ve brought it here with many of its dimensions. So much to think about…
I wonder… Just thinking again now… I often said that I am hyperconnected because I have all this excess energy from my time on maternity leave when i was lonely and understimulated. If I knew I could have my time to “be important” as you said on Twitter, to focus fully on work, would I be then able to “let go” more at home, focus on family, and allow the online to wait a bit (since I would be getting the f2f?). Then again, as we were saying on Twitter, it’s not the tech, but the whole letting work into home thing (which tech enables, but still…)

Because, you see, when I don’t go to conferences, I attend the virtual ones and that’s exactly the problem! I let the work get into my home because the confs are on US timezone, so afternoons for me and often weekends too! Or for another event, the people MOVED the workshop to Cairo, so I had to work the weekend because, you know, they MOVED it here for me. So it ended up both occasions that NOT traveling meant my being not-really-present here anyway!

The difference w taking my child with me is that I am really really really uncomfortable letting her sleep without me. May be my fault for co-sleeping but it helped a lot at first because she was born underweight and needed to nurse a lot at night and she was a high need child. Also with long trips across Atlantic, the time of the trip itself is like 2 extra days away from her that I could be spending with her. Granted, on a plane, not too comfortable!

But the point Bon made on twitter is also important: cost of air travel for kids is ridiculous. I think They must be trying to discourage kids from traveling coz they hate the sound of wailing on airplanes 🙂

Last point: a friend emailed me privately about how in earlier societies, kids were just part of life. People did not dedicate time off just to spend with kids, they took them with them to the fields, etc. granted, fields are much healthier and more fun for kids than hotels, but my kid loves hotels, too 🙂

But I am not undermining your point or your concerns. They’re all well-taken. Thanks as always for your thoughtfulness