Hi Matt, thanks for commenting here, and sharing your experience. I only looked up one provider of childcare for kids, called KiddieCorp… Used by AERA (huge organization). They have a pretty cool website and they provide some detail about what they do and how. They are pretty clear on how many adults per child, types of activities they do, etc. I feel that if more places offer this, then people would start to know which organizations they trust or their child might enjoy, and they’d be better equipped to decide. If I had to be completely honest, as I have told some folks privately, I don’t think my husband would trust any childcare provider he does not know (and how would he know them all the way from Egypt anyway?) and it’s understandable. But even if I am able to fly my husband or mom over, the childcare option might help them cope with the long day and the child enjoy her time with other kids (even if not the full day)