What I find odd is there are so many women in education yet this isn’t considered. Most of these “oversights” are the residue of dumb cultural tradition. I used to think there were intentional causes but after re-reading Ellen Langer’s “Mindfulness” this could be just another un-thought-of problem no one has taken on.

Because we live in a participative society rather than a male dominated crap’o’garchy it should be entirely natural that child-minding be a common feature of the civilized landscape. Also, we are going to train women in order to benefit form their educated presence in society we need to accommodate their fairly well established reproductive peculiarities or develop some way to have men bare children:-)

A very talented young woman I used to work with is going crazy being a stay-at-home Mom. Aside from having her skills withdrawn for a world that needs them, she feels guilty about feeling incomplete which is damaging to her spirit. At $800 each per month, daycare for her two kids both monetizes her simple need to be a more complete person and causes her to have to justify herself as if she was asking for the moon.

We’re going to the SOTL conference this week. If there’s no daycare I’ll let you know.

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