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Modelling Violence to Kids


There is a practice adults do in Egypt (dunno how prevalent it is) that drives me nuts. I might be a little overanalytical tho

The practice is: if a child hits her head on a table or falls on the floor and hurts herself, an adult hits the said table /floor and says “a2a” (Egyptian sound to mean sthg like shame on u i’m hurting u)

I think this practice teaches violence, or at least teaches kids to respond w physical violence (i realize other ppl may actually find that ok)

I think it is unfair – the poor inanimate object did nothing! Would the child then hit a cat if he trips over it? Hit another child if they accidentally bump into them?

I think it shifts blame and ignores the real issue when it could be a teachable moment: what was the child doing that they could avoid doing in future to avoid getting hur
Hitting inanimate objects achieves nothing – or am I missing something?


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