Two of my kids went to college and one decided for now not to. Lark is a nurse, Nate is tech support dude at my university, and Phoebe is a photographer and whatever else she can do to support her passion. Now, it is true that your mileage may vary, but we tended to put on the front stove burner questions of passion and love of learning earlier on and the the precision of career and college later when our kids could be more viable partners and could begin to make important decisions. And there were some bad decisions. Many people ask me about homeschooling just as you do. LIke any good parent you do not want your child to suffer. And they shouldn’t. That is your job–to protect them until they can learn to protect themselves. Schooling gives parents an illusory certitude: good education=good “fill in the blank”. Your question speaks well of you in the face of that illusory certitude. Your mileage will vary.