All of our three kids were “unschooled”. I prefer that term because we were not trying to recreate the “school” ecosystem. We were trying to un-do it. Most of what we did was follow their leads or to lead them to interesting places and folk. Rarely, we tried to make them do stuff and that was usually followed by an epic fail. Mostly, it was play, glorious infinite, peaceful play. It is not for everybody, but I admire your willingness to explore in the face of the status quo. I can identify with the resistance of the status quo because we started unschooling in 1980–a time when we were confronted not only by school hierarchies but family and friends and no Internet social support and everybody who felt they knew what was best for my kids. I think unschooling was the greatest education I ever got except for owning my own business and running a farm with my wife.