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From Image to Cupcake

So we are at a birthday party for my kid’s BFF, and the cupcakes came out, and my kid says “I made these!”

I was, of course, surprised, because uhh she did not make them. Turns out some of the cupcake tops had a picture on them, which was created by my daughter – she had made it with photo-editing apps on her phone!!!

On the one hand, it’s really flattering that this happened. I would be flattered. On the other hand, my kid has a sense of intellectual property over them, as in, she made them and someone took them. Without permission?

Now I could overanalyze this, or it can be just normal for kids to feel ownership over things they made, probably more than things they own, and “imitation as flattery” doesn’t always cut it.

What do you think? I may use this as an illustrative example in class when I talk about copyright and ask how they would feel!

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