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I like this post Maha. Often we do things because it feels like the right choice or maybe it’s just in our nature to be involved and not just watch. How many times have you been told to “leave things alone!” and not listened, or gone back later because you couldn’t leave it alone?

Right now I’m struggling with idea of “participation” as an unavoidable urge but also have other obligations and responsibilities and maybe I would resent them as limiting me? Yes, except being mindful moves them from limitations to choices. The activity of choosing separates me from the regret of missing something and allows me to do better on what I choose. And even when there aren’t choices it matters immensely how we perform what’s necessary.

This short article is about death and grief but I’m not referencing it for that. Only that we can honor losses, even the simplest ones by being actively attentive to how we live our lives. Hope this makes sense?