I am so sorry you went through this and so glad that you and your mother-in-law recovered and got to hug your daughter again. I had a different experience with with mom when she was admitted to the ICU for almost a month following her ischemic stroke. Alas, that happened during our short vacation in Port Said and were are still stuck there till now . I had to spend everyday finding a new place to drop my daughter to sneak inside the hospital, check upon her progress, touch her hand, and connect her with her friends and family members via video chats to boost her morale ( glad I did not face criminal charges for identity theft and manipulation ^^) and were are still doing it so far due to her weak immunity system after being discharged. Watching someone you care for fighting for his/ her life is the worst feeling ever and it is so noble that you took such a big risk to care for your mother-in-law knowing what the consequences are, God protects you and beloved ones.