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I came across this post of yours by accident while looking for something old on the #ccourses website and it warmed my heart because I remember exactly how you feel. I still have the same feelings but now that the girls are 7 and 9, it’s a little different. When my girls were the same age as your’s, they, too, liked to sing and dance, so everything I tried to do to supplement their learning came through music. Because global studies is so important to our family, we danced to all kinds of music and made a game of guessing where it came from on a giant globe. Most of the time they didn’t seem to care about making meaningful guesses but years later I can tell you it all laid a foundation – an assumption that anything could come from anywhere in the world rather than just our city or state.

Also the modeling was important. I draw on our walls. They draw on our walls. We have explicit discussions about questioning the rules and exposing the power hierarchies and why we draw on the walls at home rather than at school. Clearly I approach things from a Bruner perspective – spiral curriculum 🙂

You know I fight the schools and I try to connect work and my kids all the time. I respect you for doing the same. If we didn’t, what’s the point of being educators? I don’t think you’ll need to do more study on Papert to get it right – you are already on high alert for the entry points as they come and they will come. You already have what you need to do in your heart.