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Blogging Aloud to My Daughter


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I tried something interesting today. My daughter (who is 3) was being stubborn about bedtime, but my head was filling up with thoughts of what I would start doing after she sleeps (apparently my mind has a biological clock set to get an adrenaline rush at her usual bedtime).

So I tried this: while feeding her, I started telling her all the thoughts i had in my mind. I told her about my 2-hour hangout yesterday and how I wished Pete and Andrea and all of the gang would come to Egypt someday. Then i started telling her about the #ccourses research team that Laura Gogia initiated (forum discussion over here), and I told her about some of the cMOOCs I have participated in. She looked into my eyes through it all, nodding and saying “yes” (seems she now understands when I am talking in English, because she was saying “yes” in English). I then told her about a thought I had about representations of mental illness in novels, and another thought I had about LMS discourse.

Sure, she doesn’t know what a MOOC or LMS or mental illness is. She has no idea who Pete is (though she did once actually talk to him on google hangout or some such thing, ha, I just remembered this now).

And so now that I have done this (the blogposts aren’t written out yet but are more developed in my mind – I even told her I was going to wrote this post you are reading now…. I think it’s a great idea! It keeps me thinking about what i want to think about without ignoring my daughter while doing it. Sure, it is self-centered (ha!) but it also lets her start to know from a young age that her mother has a career and interests, and when she is old enough to understand, it’ll be a good thing that i have started sharing (as a kid I always enjoyed medical conversations at our dinner table and am v medically literate because of them). I also think it’s good for her language development. And it seemed to really please and engage her.

This is really funny, pedagogically, though, because I almost never talk that much all in one go in class. Then again, I blog. And I just blogged out loud. Blogging is a written slew of thoughts, that sound like speech (the way I write, most of the time), so 🙂 It actually made total sense to speak it first.

Wonder if anyone else does what I have just done?



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