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Week of Hidden Achievements (Home Work)


Let this week go down in history as the same week that I

  1. Managed to present calmly for 10 minutes while my kid and her dad fought directly behind me the entire 10 minutes. Yes, I was working from home. No, my home is not *that small*. They just left all the rooms they could have been in and decided to sit outside with me to have it out.
  2. Successfully co-facilitated a session (as the Zoom host with complex breakout room stuff but also as the lead facilitator with help from my co-facilitators) immediately after 30 mins of hysterical screaming from my child (for understandable reasons). She literally stopped screaming 5 mins before my start time and calmed down enough to let me go 1 minute before.

This could happen to any of us any time. But it would happen with much less frequency if we did not have to work from home.


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