Glad to hear the embassy people were nice. Interesting to see what happens when parts of a communication channel are interrupted. The layoffs at Leslie’s college seemed to logically pick departments that could get by with fewer staff but previous had created a whole, and somewhat disorganized, network of side-of-the-desk jobs that weren’t officially designated. Suddenly, the person in charge of such-and-such (that never made it onto an organizational chart) wasn’t there because the person who was covering for the person who used to do it was let go for something else. Could be we humans are too organized and have become slow to adapt on our organizational roles? Or, with a change in government the department of oddities and strange requests hasn’t been filled yet.

Leslie’s coordinator Fatima was in Hawaii a month ago and had no travel glitches. Her Lebanese / Canadian family travels to the US a lot. Big family with lots of thumbs to count, border people get tired and just wave them through?