I wish I had some neat insights to add but I just dug deep into your voice here and your insights, trying to place your own view of yourself within the continuum of my interactions with you in various online spaces (and birthday parties). What does come out is the caring, reflective nature of who you are, in all that you do. Yes, I detect some of the defensiveness at at times (usually in email exchanges that I watch from a distance) and I don’t find that a fault. I think you are speaking your mind.
I was intrigued by your section on reading habits and it connected nicely with a book that I just reviewed yesterday at my blog (self promotion alert!) — http://dogtrax.edublogs.org/2015/02/21/book-review-the-pleasures-of-reading-in-the-age-of-distraction/
Anyway … it’s always a pleasure to read your words ..