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Moments of Inclusion and Belonging

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I feel compelled, after my last post on a moment of terror, to mention that the majority of my experiences in life and online are moments of inclusion and belonging. Some recent ones include

A. At a Zoom meeting with a community who are almost-strangers (as in, I see them occasionally but don’t have an ongoing relationship with them, so v casual acquaintances) I mentioned that their after-event social used the term “pub” which made it exclude someone like me.. and I got an email from the organizer later (I had written my comment in chat) thanking me and saying they had now changed the name of the after event to be just a “social” rather than pub.. and that I didn’t need to explain myself further. It was really sweet. For the most part, people are understanding about this, but occasionally I have gotten flippant “well you don’t have to drink” and it shows a lack of contextual understanding of the problem. I was really happy to see this degree of openness and understanding from strangers and am now more excited to work more with this group of people.

B. When I had my recent rub on Twitter with a vendor who I’m just gonna call rude, the amount of support I received, from close friends, role models and just acquaintances on Twitter was tremendous. It was possibly more than I could have dreamed of and more than I deserve. More pressure now for my upcoming keynote 🙈 how will I ever live up to that???

C. Today I was in the AnnotatED workshops led by Nate Angell and the team. I’m not surprised by how much I felt like I belonged, of course. But it was extra lovely to have so many people in the audience who are friends already, including some from Egypt, too, and from AMICAL institutions! Even though I had had a pretty shitty day, this was a good part of my day. So thank you.

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