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Liberating Our Dreams

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I watch my daughter play Minecraft during this pandemic, and I see her flying. And I say, “you can fly?” And she says, “of course, it’s Minecraft! You can do anything!”. I watch her as she fulfills her dreams of going swimming during this pandemic by swimming and diving on Minecraft.

In my life, there are people who taught me to fly but told me to stay grounded. And people who taught me to swim but warned me not to drown.

Then one day, someone said, “hey, this could work” and gave me permission to fly and a license to dive. And it made me happy.

Then the other day, someone came to me and said, “what you do is inspiring, how can I help you fulfill your dreams?”. This person didn’t just give me permission to dream, they liberated me to dream bigger. Or gave me the push to liberate myself to dream bigger, because no one can liberate us but ourselves.

And I guess the lesson here is… keep on dreaming outside your box and striving towards them, until you find ways to make your dreams come true. Give yourself permission to grow your dreams and imagine them come true.

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