Thanks for sharing, Aparna. It’s interesting that you mention your curiosity; it’s difficult to judge when it would be offensive to ask someone about this and when not. I am more careful to NOT ask friends who have removed the veil, for fear of them thinking i am judging them or such. On the other hand, sometimes the way people ask me why i wear it can feel offensive, for example, someone once asked, “you know i respect your mind and ideas, but why do you wear it?” Which clearly implies that the way i dress does not suit my mind and ideas! But most of the time, from my experience, women are willing to talk about it to others they trust. Fewer people are willing to talk about it as openly as this blog, i guess, because it risks all kinds of backlash. This post, for me, could offend conservative Muslims and ultra-liberals of all kinds… Maybe they read it and hated it but chose not to respond. Maybe they have lashed out privately about it. Fortunately, most people who did talk to me were very supportive of it and understanding. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.