Hi Scott, amazingly, when I first read this comment I was running around doing chores at home and thought you meant something along totally different lines (which just goes to show what speed reading while absent minded can do) – i *think* i understand you better, but not completely? Are you saying you recognize (especially young) male human nature, or that we underestimate men’s capacity for self-control? Or that women recognize that men respect them differently based on their looks? Of course, to be completely fair, covering my hair also gives an impression that might not be favorable in certain contexts – assumptions (by men and women alike) that i am closed-minded, or more conservative than i actually am. I can’t remember the exact context of a certain conversation, but it was a university event at a table with a few ppl i don’t know, and a woman said, “but of course you know that, you cover your hair” and i was like, “what kind of assumptions are you making about me because i cover my hair?”. I also remember my favorite uncle (who is unsupportive of hijab) when i first wore hijab telling me, “well now your relationships with guys is going to change” and i was like, “i’m not doing anything with my guy friends that i’m ashamed of; i’ll work and eat and walk and talk with them as i always have” and internally, i said, “sure, i won’t have a boyfriend, i’ve never gone out with any guy alone before, or if do, at least i’ll try not to hug him in public, but i’m still entitled to have feelings for a guy every now and then, and i don’t need to hide it”.