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Curating Resources for Futurizing Courses!


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So I’m collaborating with some local colleagues on a Futurize Your Course competition as part of AUC’s Research and Creativity Convention in April. If you are an AUC faculty member or student, instructions are here and the expression of interest form is here:

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As part of this we are planning to do some professional development for teams who are planning to submit a futurized course pitch/paper. And I asked on Twitter for resources like short articles or videos that we could use in workshops or as resources.

I thought I should curate the responses so I don’t lose them. And credit the peeps who suggested them. Even though of course the tweet itself is an archive and if you open it you will see everything anyway.

  1. Nate Angell shared Science Fiction Prototypes (SFPs) which according to the website “are works of fiction, intended to spur individuals to think about potential future digital / cyber capabilities that could effect us.”
  2. Nate also shared Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto (I was expecting this one). I was worried about its accessibility to some audiences, so thankful that…
  3. Mandy shared a more accessible and shorter Donna Haraway article here
  4. Mandy also shared Envisioning a Sustainable world by Donelle Meadows.
  5. Greg McVerry said to make a slideshow like it’s 1999…
  6. Sian Bayne recommended MIT’s Twelve Tomorrows.
  7. Samantha Ahern recommended a Guardian article of Shoshana Zuboff’s work and Daniel Villar suggested this video lecture/conversation with Zuboff with Naomi Klein as well.
  8. Billy Meinke suggested one that’s probably gonna be essential: Why You Need to Learn the Basic Principles of Future studies. Medium is usually blocked here, but special thanks to Ana Cristina Pratas for emailing me a PDF version
  9. Irene Stewart suggested and this Journal of Futures Studies. Who knew?
  10. Mary Anne Reilly suggested – The last page of @nhannahjones essay from NYT magazine about patriotism, her father, and what each has taught her.
  11. Geoff Cain recommended this video A Magical World of Shopping…
  12. Geoff also recommended a video by Arthur C. Clark on future predictions.
  13. AK (@koutropoulos) suggested we discuss this image and this image
  14. Ken Bauer recommended Alan Kay Inventing the Future video
  15. Matt Crosslin recommended Ready Player One (said some chapters are about education with what is intended as utopian but ends up being dystopian).
  16. Dave Cormier suggested this Apple Knowledge Navigator video from 1987 and this archived copy of a Futures Seminar he gave in 2010.
  17. Todd Conoway recommended Dewey Outlines Utopian schools and this book Love, Social justice and education: John Dewey and the Utopians (link goes to a different book?)
  18. Michelle Ciccone recommended this video which she says sparked lots of convos for 8th graders. Http://
  19. Homas Wolsey suggested the Tonybee Convector short story by Ray Bradbury
  20. Greg McVerry shared on Afrofuturism and another one on Afrofuturism 2.0
  21. Ana Cristina Pratas shared several resources via email. Futurism –  a site with articles and videos. Digital Delights – Avatars, Virtual Worlds, Gamification. This one is one of Ana’s curations; there are articles related to Virtual Reality, AI, Robots, and others. For example, if you type “futurism” in the search , this comes up. If you type future, then this comes up.
  22. Greg McVerry also recommended Arab futurism Manifesto... apparently off of this book Cost of Freedom.
  23. Video from Irene Stewart re “there’s an app for that”
  24. Matt Crosslin suggested this re historical view of the future. Computerized school of the future
  25. Capturing several tweets from Alan Levine here

Some more recommendations from Nate Angell:

Thanks to all who have contributed. If you have more suggestions, please keep them coming in the comments!

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