Great post, so many ‘aha’ moments, Maha. Twitter is the valve that lets out the steam which might be destructive when we are in a not so likeminded cohort. The small but powerful audience is life saving. I love your thinking about quiet/loud and different audiences – something I’m aware of but haven’t written down. A couple of times I was caught out thinking that I could let off some steam in my blog and only a select readership would read it, ie not my colleagues at work but I was wrong. Then I had to apologize and think twice before expressing strong feelings in my blog – I was kidding myself that it was a safe space.
I am also quiet at work because I do my expressing online but is that a good thing? Should I speak up more at work? Not sure. What do others think? So far I’ve been selective about who to open up to. I know what response I’ll get generally. I leave those people alone.