Thanks to everyone again for this. Though I feel the need to get better at hangouts it was a very comfortable encounter and next time I’ll try the microphone this replacement computer must have.

One thing I found very positive were the small glitches. I’ve been to high definition video conference covered events that were sooo uncomfortable with the technical people tut-tutting camera angles and the “wrong” people speaking “out of turn” spoiling the “production values.” To me conferences are supposed be like family picnics with pets, loud uncles and kids spilling things.

I’m thinking this comfort and familiarity displayed today would be perfect for bringing conferences alive to people who have limited budgets and time. It’s a natural community builder and idea generator in a incredibly manageable time frame. Close your office door, attend a conference and in less than an hour you’re back with a smile and lots of ideas.

More later.

Something for your panel:
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