Kate, my first “test” of the cancer centre came when I was very sick and strung out and the response was an explanation of the proper behaviours of patients in order to receive service. I thought it was inappropriate treatment but since have come to realize that emotions fall outside their services mandate. They do have posters plastered everywhere declaring support for those in emotional distress but make it hard to access and not
available outside Edmonton.

All the human needs things are expectations built by assumptions strong enough to cause the making and displaying of posters but these are just icons to a greater purpose than can actually be practiced. The institute in this case is a kind of a gesture to what could be. Intentions enacted in a space where my “care” is as clumsy as is my behaviour as a resident.

This map thing gets complex really fast. Now I need a category called “expectations and performances” within my role as map and actor within it. Have to think about this.

Maha, this I liked:
O’Gorman, K. D. (2006). Jacques Derrida’s philosophy of hospitality. Hospitality Review, 8(4), 50-57.