Kate, good to hear someone else is working on Derrida too. How much of ourselves we give to each other is difficult settle on. Can we ask for care as something we deserve or is that too much? My cancer clinic has finally defined and mapped out the care I’m to expect and it makes operational sense but leaves me as a place-holder for the care-object in question, due a particular fixed service regimen. As a human I THINK I’m due a different level of care but why am I different than any other broken thing to be readjusted to original specifications and discharged?

Host / guest map, even if it comes out a bit fuzzy, would be great. I worry about polarities though. I feel like a resident but apparently trigger the stranger alarm in others. Do they determine my right to residency? If each of us is placed in this contextual way will the map reveal anything? To me, the map would be my places of assumed residence surrounded by arrows indicating the forces of rejection, acceptance or stability. That allows me to name variables of felt hospitality or rejection–all I can do is account for myself. Except of course for my Rhizo-swarm identity that I’ll pretend I didn’t mention:-)

Back to Derrida. He’s more useful to me as usable tool than D&G.