Thanks Kate and Scott for reminding me of Derrida’s “Of Hospitality” – i recently heard it mentioned in a podcast on rhetoricity and wanted to follow up on both concepts and forgot πŸ™‚ i keep thinking i might like Derrida but yeah. I resist obscure writing. Will probably just dip in a bit then fond secondhand accounts that use good quotes that i can steal πŸ™‚ my email signature is Derrida πŸ™‚ i may as well try to read him πŸ™‚

But agreeing with both of you on many of the points you make. As I did this map i realized there was a time when my social facebook was soooo much more ‘resident’ and that sometimes i distance myself from the ‘rhizo14 facebook’ intentionally, etc. It shifts all the time, not just by tool but by hastag/topic.