Thanks Maha, will have to follow the links you’ve given. Trying to read “Of Hospitality” by Derrida and understand his concept of “stranger.” Except it must not be the right season for reading French Philosophers and I end up in a D&G type fog?
I found my inability to sift through their deliberately obscure presentation style was challenging at first, now I consider it jive and not worth the effort. It seems anti-intellectual but I grew up with people who thought being incomprehensible gave them special status though really they were just wasting your time.
The map concept feels like the right-tool for finding a place to work from the sense of periphery or strangeness I’m starting to situate my understanding from. Now reading “The Primacy of Caring – Stress and Coping in Health and Illness” by Patricia Benner and Judith Wrubel on Nursing in a medical setting and realize the ideal they advocate is “accepted” as proper behaviour by the medical system but distorted by the realities of an overworked system.
Being with people who’s beliefs in the sanctity of their calling justify their actual ingenuous presentation is something not to be openly mentioned. Knocking people in the sleep walk of their disillusions while they are awake can be dangerous. Though not dangerous with all people and I would think the barrier resides in the comfort of the comfort of residency or expertise.
Thanks for the map idea!
Is there a relationship between the Western calendar first day of spring on March 20 and Egyptian Mother’s Day?