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Using the Audrey Test for a class project

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 9 seconds

I was re-reading the Audrey Test which Audrey Watters wrote to guide critical questions around #edtech.

My original idea was to use it in my class as a group project where different students worked on different questions (of the extended not main questions) early on in a new equity in edtech course I am designing- because it goes all the way towards learning about learning theories as well as asking questions about tech. Instead of teaching all these things, different pairs/teams would work on questions then share with the larger group. Presentations and discussions, then maybe then produce as a class an OER on the topic?

My second thought was for a project for students to apply the Audrey test to a tech company or app. I am unsure if this is actually doable, but Remi and Nate tell me have taken the Audrey test

Funny thing is how Audrey finishes her blogpost as if it really is a test or assignment before reminding us it is more important to keep asking and discussing questions than to answer them. I may ask students to add their own questions to the Audrey test and call it something more contextual…based on maybe how we know Egypt uses edtech or something…

2 thoughts on “Using the Audrey Test for a class project

  1. Hi Maha,
    I saw your original tweet about this assignment idea and had to go back and read Audrey’s post. What a fantastic idea, I will have to keep this in mind for the next ed tech class I consult on. I’m interested to hear how it goes.
    Seeing you idea reminded me of a similar (ish) assignment Adam Croom is doing with his students, “Annotating Ed Tech Terms of Service” As separate or combined project ideas I think there is some potential there for ed tech classes.


    1. Oh yeah. Jade Davis was first person I saw who decided to talk Terms of Service in class. I can never pull it off because it bores me to death, tho I always have it on my syllabus!!!

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