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Upcoming Free Online Professional Development

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I sent this as an email to colleagues at work, but thought others might find this curation useful, so I’m posting it here as well, with info on parts I have been invited to contribute.

Nov 4-8: USDLA National Distance Learning Week

Nov 11-15: European Distance Learning Week: The schedule should be available on the EDEN website by Wednesday next week (it is now live – here is the schedule and ways to register). I am invited on a panel here focused on social justice and open education

Nov 19 Online International Summit by OLC. I was invited to provide a provocation for a session here. This is ahead of OLC Accelerate.

Other online events in October

Fri Oct 18: UDL conference (not free, but only 20 USD)

Oct 29 (free) OERizona, ahead of OpenEd19

In December

11-12 Dec ALT Winter Conference

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