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Be an interesting project to develop a sensitivity course based on what you witness Laura. Our college did a great animated presentation called Aboriginal Awareness and was unfortunately “reviewed” by a couple of Métis community leaders who objected to it because the goals of equality upset their position and power in the small world they rule over. Though to be fair, a world where it’s better to be seen as ‘almost white’ wasn’t their choice and they are just playing the game by the rules presented them.
Working in the same office as they were reviewing the material was quite educational and I think the impact comes from seeing it ‘in real life.’ It can also be observed on the faces of whites as they walk by Native People on the sidewalk. Humans can read facial expressions with enormous accuracy and I wonder if learning about prejudice might be enhanced by showing people pictures of the faces of disapproval and asked how they feel if they were the ones receiving ‘the look’?