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Just a short story on the aspect of the one defining feature. I was born in Australia but my parents were born in Russia. When I was in primary school I used to get into trouble for talking when we were supposed to work silently. My grade 4 teacher made me write out lines: ‘I am a Russian parrot’. Pretty offensive now that I think about it. Not as offensive as kindergarten kids calling me a communist. Clearly none of us at the age of 3-4 knew what a communist was but it says something about the parents’ attitude. And stupid when you think that obviously people who left Russia during the Soviet era were running away from Communism. I remember feeling ‘dirty’ when they taunted me with communist, and was too ashamed to tell my parents. Do you think that people who grew up excluded from the ‘normal’ circles are more sensitive to exclusive/inclusive thing? I hope so, although it depends what you do with that pain of being different.