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As an example of writing from different sensibilities “Of Hospitality Anne Dufourmantelle Invites Jacques Derrida to Respond”, Stanford U Press. Right side pages are text of Derrida’s two lectures relating to hospitality and the left are Dufourmantelle’s “clarification” of Derrida’s philosopher’s voice.

I am unable to follow Derrida any better than D&G but I can understand Dufourmantelle and that brings up a question of the value interpretation and which text is ‘truer’ to understanding. Why should fame be applied to the impenetrable writing? Because some claim to understand it? How would I judge their understanding except on sheer belief in their word? Or maybe their standing in a community that isn’t my community anyway? With the interpretation there’s something MY mind can investigate. Does this leave me detached from the original? I don’t know. Have I excluded Mr D? Or maybe I just don’t have an ‘ear’ for his genre?