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Like Rebecca I thank you for the idea of checking the reference list for other voices. Think I do that anyway as a bias against the “authoritative” positioning that publishers will award the well known voice. Also, as a generalization, many first-to-claim-the-idea are generally full of themselves to cover for their failure to attribute influences. Unless they are referencing another high placed buddy that improves their career they are hiding behind the right to declare originality because their voice is louder.

Digging into references also reveals sources that didn’t “qualify” because they didn’t “speak” reverently enough of the dominant group. Or asked embarrassing questions that revealed hidden assumptions.

As a white male I don’t even have to try and maintain my power. It’s conferred upon me. When I broke down in a doctors office out of frustration and exhaustion I graduated from impolite to aggressive to abusive on my records. When I left in tears it became an issue of being out of touch with my emotions–denial maybe? I realize that most of this is unintentional but it is discrimination and stereotyping and paying for the sins of our fathers.