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Trends in #edtech Conferences: Hybrid participation (#et4buddy) & Flipping (#eMOOCs 2015)


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I’m really excited about the new trends  in #edtech conferences. I think there is a lot of challenging of norms and opening up happening, and I’m really excited about these two things:

First, the hybrid #et4buddy pilot Rebecca Hogue and I experimented with during #et4online – we just posted our initial reflections on Hybrid Pedagogy here – the main idea is that Rebecca suggested a way to bring me into the conference remotely and to have meetings with other participants on the ground. We invited other virtual participants into some of these hangouts and streamed and recorded them so others could watch. We learned a lot and we’re learning more from responses to our survey.

Second, I just learned of how eMOOCs 2015 (European MOOCs) will be a flipped conference, where all the conference papers/materials will be available in advance, online, for free, for anyone to look at via EdX and the conference itself will focus on interaction between participants. This makes it feel like I can totally just go online and spontaneously invite people to a hangout discussing the conference topics without having to go at all. How fun! An unconference all the way 🙂


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