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Thursday Annotathon: Copenhagen Letter #digciz

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I saw the Copenhagen Letter earlier this week (thank YOU George Station and #digciz) and saw an opportunity to annotate this with my students. It’s a quick read with important points about how we could take a different attitude about technology. It will also help me connect a workshop on citizenship we’re doing tomorrow with the digital manifestation of global/digital citizenship. I also wrote an article that will come out on DML Central soon reflecting on one aspect of the letter… 

But in general, I’m planning to annotate with my students this Thursday September 28 around 10.30am Cairo time (GMT 8.30). We’ll do it publicly using this link. Join us! All you gotta do is annotate the article, and responding to my students’ questions or comments is very welcome! Join me throughout the day and into the next day – or post a provocative question or comment beforehand…. 

I may ask them to develop their own version of what THEY think such a letter should contain…from their context and experience as mostly non-technical people in Egypt. 

Note: Remi Kalir just shared the theme this year for Marginal Syllabus in collaboration w Educator Innovator is Writing Our Civic Futures. If we tag annotations #MarginalSyllabus we can have our anotathon included as a complementary text.

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