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Hi Maha,

In #fedwiki you cannot control what people fork from your farm and, to a certain extent, it is reasonable to expect that you will be heard to the extent that you echo the opinions of others, this is how political discourse typically works in real life.

One difference is that in real life, we do not have a trail of bread crumbs tracing the development and origin of this or that claim. This is not the same as Wikipedia’s edit archive, as Mike Caulfield explains. Because of this feature, #fedwiki might help to balance political discourse a little – or at least orient it more towards what is known and how it is known.

Because there is no object to be controlled, #fedwiki is more up to this task than a traditional Wiki might be. In some ways this resembles the Internet itself, as a massively distributed network of connections. With #fedwiki, it even be possible to deploy crap detecting spiders – then the battle will be over who controls the spiders. I’m afraid there is no substitute for common sense.