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Hey Mandy. Most people don’t realize the background behind the Wikipedia page or that they can contribute. Also, you can face a LOT of difficulty getting anything in edgewise. Lots if feminist research/work done on that topic. We tried to add new stuff last year and someone kept deleting our stuff until we got help from Mike Caulfield who knew the ropes. But I imagine there is absolutely no way the Oct 73 war page could be won by the Arab side, or contain a dual perspective that’s inclusive of it. Dominant discourses in real life spill over. It’s only the Arabic page which is marginal to the English and away from the radar (or at least whose dominant voices are different) that gets to express this. Voice. But no listening. Which is my point. Allowing both the dominant and non-dominant perspective to exist side by side means the non-dominant won’t get heard. In #fedwiki, it means fewer people will fork minority perspectives and you will again end up with the dominant perspective. Just the one YOU agree with. Not necessarily a balanced one representing diff views