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Make way
Coz others need space

Space to move
Space to grow
Space to ask
Space to know

Space to fall
Space to rise
Space to see
With their own eyes

Space to discover
Space to learn
Space to love
Space to hurt

Space to speak
Space to listen
Space to think
Space to write

Space to be
Who they want to be
Or need to be
Or think they are
Or wish they were

And the best you can do
Is to make space

2 thoughts on “Space

  1. Nice poem Maha, I’m conflicted on whether to participate in Rhizo15 by just dragging the 14 community over. Do we belong there? To me it feels like an invasion of a space that should renew itself and not be colonized by us who could as well start our own community site. When does something stop being magic? When do we let go? Have we decided that Rhizo is about us more than being a space for others to create their own “version”? I don’t think there is any one of us veterans that can’t find something else to do. Finally, what about Dave’s need to continue Rhizo as a test case and not an old-folks home?

    1. Maha, space is a ‘vast frontier’ – there’s space inside the brain for so many thoughts, space below the surface for so many rhizomes to grow and for Scott – there’s space among previous rhizomes to allow new ones to grow with support from the wisdom and strength of those that have grown there before. New spaces to discover with ‘those that go before us’.

      There’s magic in those spaces between the words. 🙂 Helen

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