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Somewhere between a #dailyconnect & #dailycreate

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I’m gonna call this post multi-inspired. Today’s #ccourses #dailyconnect is to “write your community”, and today Howard Rheingold’s interciew with me on DML was published (i am so flattered) – the post clearly highlights lots of my “communities” and the title of his post highlights hashtags… So I am going to “write my community” using an idea i got (but am only tangentially using) from today’s #ds106 which was to create a “bookspine of you”

So um, I thought I would write my community as table of contents of a book… It’s more like a timeline coz i am doing it in chronological order, but if i had a visual option i’d do sthg linking ppl across networks and hashtags. I’ll use hashtags here because it’s simplest?

Title: Power of Social media for the semi-privileged: hashtag edition

1. Joined twitter initially to promote my articles on #moocs #edtech #highered

2. Found supportive PhD community #phdchat, #phdforum, #phdmum

3. #digped the Hybrid Pedagogy hashtag for twitter chats – this journal helped me fall back in love with #edtech, to reclaim it

4. #edcmooc – my first connectivist-like experience, did #readmake 2-day collab novel at same time. Met ppl I still know today like AK, Lenandlar Singh, Sandra (they show up later in #rhizo14, as did Heli, Ary, Maddie). Wrote article w Bard on research done there.

5. #rhizo14 my first full engagement with a cMOOC, using my new blog, joining facebook group, and tweeting. Largest number of new friends in short time who continue to be my community of support long after MOOC has ended (too many to count, some show up again in clmooc, edcontexts, ccourses…). Still working on collab autoethnog w Sarah, Keith, Simon, Scott, Rebecca, Len, AK,…(also did #futureed during rhizo14 w some ppl overlapping both like Vanessa, Kate, and Mark)

6. Met Shyam, wrote articles on HybridPed, started #edcontexts with him and other online friends: Roopika, Clarissa, Tanya, Len, Laura.

7. #et4online virtual conference, met Jim Groom, won top virtual participant, am now steering committee member

8. Some engagement w #octel, #blendkit2014, #nwoer

9. Summer of #clmooc (overlap w #rhizo14 and #edcontexts) and #tvsz – decided to hack the latter w Pete, Janine, Andrea, Lizzie, Christine

10. #whyopen

11. Fall semester of #ccourses (some #oclmooc, #ce14) which has many members overlapping with #rhizo14 (e.g. Simon) and #clmooc (e.g. Mia, Susan) or both (e.g. Kevin, Terry). Also met loads of awesome ppl i can’t count e.g. 3 Lauras! 2nd Maha! Tania! And awesome facs: Howard, Alan, Mimi, Jonathan, ….. I will miss someone so have to stop

12. Discovering gaming hashtags #gamifi-ed #edgamify #ineeddiversegames

13. What next? #dalmooc and coming soon our new #tvsz and #digiwrimo in Nov, and my class (hashtag TBD)

6 thoughts on “Somewhere between a #dailyconnect & #dailycreate

  1. Hi Maha,
    I am watching your interview now – congrats on the DML highlight! How exciting for you 🙂 And well-deserved.

    One of the things that just struck me, when you mentioned that your students were blogging and tweeting openly, and then receiving responses from Brazil and other parts of the world…curious about how you think that dynamic might have changed if you had not had such a robust PLN to call upon going into the assignment? For example, if you and your students were learning the new piece of social media/technology concurrently? The students were amazed at the responses that came in – I wonder, would the impact on the students be the same?

    I hope this does not come across as a criticism – I”m mostly thinking as I type here, about how the activity may look/be structured in various situations. I”m also wondering if educators who may be new to using Twitter try a similar activity, and what that response would potentially look like. hmm…ok, I guess this is along the same lines of what I posted above, but for some reason they are separate in my mind right now.

    Congrats again!

    1. Oh, i have no doubt in my mind that having a strong supportive PLN is key. I couldn’t have done it otherwise. But for perspective, when i did that i had less than 300 twitter followers. I only called upon the few in rhizo14 who knew me well and were willing to help. Last week, though, i put out a larger call to some specific ppl and some hashtags and received responses from strangers as well as friends and acquaintances. I guess it takes time to figure out how to “work it” and u’d not get immediate results if ur just starting. But by the time i had about 50 followers i had realized twitter’s power. More so now at over 1,000 but still…

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