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Reframing f2f vs 3D

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I remember I first noticed the term meeting someone in 3D on twitter (i think it was @adamheid who used it) and thinking: WOAH. HE’S RIGHT! Meeting someone physically in person is 3D NOT F2f!

We meet f2f and synchronously on google hangouts or Skype all the time!

Image by Robbie via Flickr CC-By-SA
Image by Robbie via Flickr CC-By-SA

So in that case, I have met Howard Rheingold, Dave Cormier and the OLC folks f2f, not to mention informal hangouts that are not recorded with lots of other ppl… Some of whom i meet a LOT when working on certain projects like Shyam and Pete/Andrea/Lizzie/Janine. You can even bump into someone and have a spontaneous hangout like i did with Alan Levine once, Helen Keegan another…

Which made me take stock of a few people I feel v close to but have never met f2f (how come, Bonnie? Dave hogging the camera?)

Ha 🙂 Just wanted to make that point…need to stop saying f2f and start saying 3D

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