Hello Maha,
Interesting thoughts, I wish I am fluent in English to echo what exactly went in my mind after reading ur piece( I always do not miss ur articles.;)

Also after reading the Jolt article – http://jolt.merlot.org/vol10no1/bali_0314.pdf I saw we have some similar expereince sometimes you sound radical than me;)

Anyway as Mark commented “successful in organizing training type learning opportunities with narrow and well targeted objectives following traditional, sit-down-and-listen-to-me teaching strategies” —
I see the users perspective than the teachers perspective because I am a devoted user for xMOOCs. 😉

Yes you are right. There is a serious issue about the quality , not all the MOOC provide same level , some aren’t even closer to its objectives. I do not understand why they spend too much as that if they can not produce quality course.

for example – sometimes a cat behind the screen, sometime only text through out the course with no video, sometime there is no instructor involvement at all not mails no reminders no feed back in forums

One major concern is do MOOC actually facilitate real learning – or it just again transformation of information like a typical teacher does. I really hope teacher understand their role as to give the student to create synthesize and evaluate their learning than trying to spoon feed, out of 24 completed MOOCs I would say only very few allowed that .

I am not a fan of cMOOCs either as I get distract of unstructured information, I prefer something in the middle X and C which is hard to find.

Anyway I still have this question Why Universities want to run a MOOC? famous, increase student intake by promoting its advantage, I dont know but as a student Its great to see the learning in other part of the world for free of charge, otherwise people like us would not have a voice.