Now I’m in trouble. Stepped right into the Turkle / Rheingold discontinuity entirely by mistake:-) Your mention of course participant size Maha brings scale into the understanding of relationships that we can’t avoid in online learning. We need an expanded definition of how we “know” people and I wonder if there’s a scale that’s fixed by size so a relationship perceptions between 10 people is different in some way than between 3,000?

Or maybe more productive would be to say that I NEED people and how do I attract their authentic self into a useful exchange? When I’ve done research online a method that works is to declare the first vulnerability, the initial “I’m here the hear from you because I don’t know myself.” So may answer to your question of needing completeness is I guess not–that completeness may actually block us from learning and taking in something new.

I respect Sherry Turkle for at least starting the conversation on this. Being wrong is better than not being there at all.

Another quote: “Omniscience produces convictions that are insecure because they must constantly fend off evidence.” Robert Caper