hi Scott, as always, sooo much to unpack in what you’ve written. Can’t do it all now, but a semblance of a response…
Love the understanding of psychoanalysis – but is that what we do in connecting? Is it about introspection and knowing more about ourselves? The question you wrote earlier, if it’s about not just knowing people but knowing ABOUT people… it made me realize something. The reason the rhizo14 facebook group worked for building community vs in other MOOCs was that there was a relatively small group of us in there, so we started to “know” one another not just as names, but we started to form larger pictures of the “other” person, knowing more about them than the mere comment on the blogpost or the short tweet or the fun zeega. You know? And that’s “knowing about” someone in order to “know” them, sort of?
Do we need it to attain completeness? That sounds like an existential question.
Will check out the Turkle link. She’s one critic of online learning who drives me nuts with her criticism (Howard Rheingold, incidentally, critiques her critiques in his book Net Smart, which I’m dipping in and out of these days)