Thanks Jennifer and Maha for reminding me of this course. I’ve started “studying” for by observing the the way the medical system is “handling” me and my illness. How DO they research me as a patient, collect information from me and mold me into an easy-to-process-object?

While it’s hard to be dispassionate about my own health, it is important to be removed a bit from the system’s needs in order to both remain coherent and keep my balance.

For instance: an attribute of the closed medical system is the need for filtering and I guess it would be rationalizing. Sick people are to various and wobbly and need the discipline of needs that suit the system. Of the two times I’ve called the Triage Nurse Hot Line so far the first time I was lectured correct questions to ask and today was told the message I wanted to pass onto the oncologist “wasn’t clear enough” and would not be passed on. As these nurses are the system’s front line there’s a need for me to get past their aggressive behavior. Or is there?

This has me thinking that openness might be up against a history of institutions that have crafted themselves into an image of responsiveness when in fact they respond only to inner needs. That they are falsehoods and fear openness as did the Wizard of Oz fear the drawn back curtain?