While I agree with Keith on the value of having more eyes on the Rhizo material I’m also at the point where it doesn’t matter what people think or interpret what I’ve experienced. Can we change someone’s mind about the value of networking? Or being a self-aware life-long-learner? I doubt it–this is a costly and unsettled lifestyle and most people want comfort.

That said, an exposition of how things are made to work in ways that are seen to be odd or questionable brings things forward and might begin to seem “normal.” Having been called an “elitist” for participating in cMOOCs (by a college president no less) I feel freed of apology but I need to account for normally deliberate people letting go to see what happens. What is accountable person doing acting outside the norms of professional responsibility for insights into things they struggle to explain? What are they confident in? What abilities do they exhibit that weren’t taught but might be teachable?

Given my current health status (and the accompanying mood swings) a topic that suggests itself to me is the value of uncertainty. The kind that won’t resolve, or be intellectually processed, but ridden to exhaustion. Is this too far to go?