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Late to the “game” but inspired already

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 32 seconds

I just finally hot around to reading this week’s (well now gonna be last week’s) #clmooc make cycle email and looked at the list of resources. Already inspired big time, and i haven’t even had a chance to engage with anyone’s actual posts or makes this week!

This is a testament to how even MINIMAL engagement with a cMOOC can be a great learning experience. Just reading that article i was inspired to:

A. Think of all the games i use to teach or even for fun and what they all mean, how i could make them better, how to analyze them
B. Thinking of class activities i did and how to take them further (i used to do a “hack a game”, now considering something along the lines of a “jam”)
C. Found a great list of resources! Maybe instead of telling my students to find their own resources online or via Twitter i could direct them to this page and a previous HILT workshop by Ana Salter and ask them to select readings then blog about them. It’s a way to direct them to good quality resources (tho maybe it could be a 2nd step after they find their own coz there is value in that too)
D. I wanna find ways to more clearly insert the equity convo into class edu game design (tho admittedly this idea is not new for me, i am thinking about it more intentionally now)

And i am inspired by ppl who are experimenting with Twine and wondering if i should try it too! I will read Ana Salter on this first (she talked to me about it when she was here – time for me to take the next step, here and here).

Added later: great curation of discussion and some of the games made in today’s email

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