Haven’t had a chance to watch the video–leaving on holiday tomorrow. The link below I always felt was connected to hospitality. As for boundaries between academic and other worlds. They do exist and though education should be a public enterprise it’s a club with restricted access. Used to be called Town and Gown when I was a kid.

Consciousness Reframed 2002 Origin of Alexander et al: Pattern Language for Unbounded Interaction Ron Wakkary http://www.sfu.ca/~rwakkary/papers/Origin_Alexand_Short_Final.pdf
>This paper explores the idea of Pattern Language as a method for interaction design in a social network environment. It is the belief of the author that Pattern Language can enable interaction design to address group interaction within an “unbounded” interaction event. The aim is to define a theoretical starting point for adapting Pattern Language that addresses criteria informed by the concept of social network analysis. The criteria are comprised of three properties: community definition, reciprocity and scale, and rich methodology.<